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Vision, Mission & Values


To become a regional and nationwide leader in developing, building and operating integrated developments that provide full-service products and maximise value as well as deliver only the highest standards to the communities we operate in.


To continuously innovate KIP Group’s development, investment and management activities to offer customers, investors and stakeholders substantial efforts and products that go above and beyond their needs, while creating diversified self-sustaining new communities.


  • Towards Our Customers
    We strive to deliver projects that create value for our business customers as well as end-users, giving them maximum returns through both property and retail management arms. Recognising the flexibility inherent in the property and retail sectors, we constantly adapt and stay agile in anticipating customer wants.
  • Towards Our People
    The Group’s strength lies in its people, and with continuous innovation at our core, we provide our talent a platform for both personal growth and career building opportunities. As we continue to flourish on our people’s capabilities, the Group rewards and recognises performance and commitment with prospects of mobility and wider responsibilities, putting talent in touch with the ever-expanding range of products under our care.
  • Towards Our Investors
    We deliver profitable projects both efficiently and promptly, amassing a stable of superior and lucrative developments which give investors room to grow in terms of investment and an avenue into new business areas and target markets.
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