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Project Description

KIPMall Kota Tinggi

KIPMall Kota Tinggi is a community centric mall considered to be a landmark by the surrounding Kota Tinggi residents and have been in operations since 7 November 2008. KIPMall Kota Tinggi is located on 168,111 sq ft of land located along Jalan Maju, Kota Tinggi. Currently, KIPMall Kota Tinggi is divided into several areas for, amongst others, a fresh market, dry retail lots, a supermarket, an amusement centre, car promotion areas, a food court, a fast food restaurant, a car wash area and various promotion areas. Following the successful installation of the Solar Photovoltaic System, KIPMall Kota Tinggi has the capacity to produce 210 KwP of energy on an annual basis.


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