Refer & Earn Terms and Conditions 2019-11-11T16:55:05+08:00

Terms and Conditions

Referral program

  1. Referral fee: A fixed referral fee of RM3,888.00  to be given to Introducer for each converted units. Referral fee to be given upon loan drawdown (loan purchaser) and full settlement of outstanding amount paid (cash purchaser).
  2. Complete Introducer details and potential buyer(s) details in “Referral Form” need to be submitted to Sales & Marketing Department.

Other terms & conditions

  1. Referral programme must purchase unit(s) through Sales & Marketing Department.
  2. Unit(s) must book from 1st November 2019 to 31st December 2019  to entitle the referral fee.
  3. One unit is entitled for one referral fee only.
  4. The referral fee will only be given if the unit(s) fulfill the following:-
    1. Referral form executed by introducer and potential buyer(s);
    2. SPA executed and stamped;
    3. RM1,000 booking fees paid;
    4. Letter offer and loan agreement executed (loan purchaser);
    5. Loan drawdown (loan purchaser) or full settlement of outstanding amount paid (cash purchaser);
    6. Differential sum paid (if any).

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